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Our Mission Statement
We are a caring community. Through Worship, Teaching, Outreach and Fellowship, we share God's love.

Richards Memorial United Church NEWSLETTER Volume 34 No.2 September 2017
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Rev. Christina   Minister's Message   


        A new season in our church year is here.  I hope and pray that we welcome it with new hope, enthusiasm and strong faith in Christ. When challenges confront us, we must not allow our mind to accept defeat, but come together in faith and overcome them. There is a very thoughtful quote by Smiley Blanton, M.D.  He writes, “Anxiety is the great modern plague, but faith can cure it.”  We live in a society where people are anxious about everything.  When we are in the grips of anxiety, we shut our creative thinking and retreat to our shells like a tortoise.  We get tired of compromising with our materialistic and cultural needs around us.  We live in a world where our faith is shaken many times. There are times when our faith sways from focusing on God because the threats in our lives especially when we hear or read about tragedies in our world and in lives whether in the form of terrorism, natural disasters, failing economy, job loss, addiction epidemic or empty pews.

There is no doubt the life does have lots of troubles or challenges and our faith recognizes it.  It is sad that we paint our challenges with one brush of negativity. It is also sad that church is not the place to find optimism where we have been listening to Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection in our gospels. We have been reading that Christ’s suffering has saved our lives and secured our future and restored us to everlasting relationship with God.  In our anxiety and spiritual stagnation, we forget about our role
as followers of Christ, i.e., not to give up.

In our anxious moments, Christ says, “All that is required I have accomplished for you.  All that you need I give you a new with Spirit-power.” We are also reminded that our faith is as enormous as the horizon.  God spoke in the past to our ancestors by the prophets, God has also spoken by his son Jesus the Christ and now it is our responsibility to speak for God.  It is our responsibility to strengthen our faith and be united with our mission that is to be God’s light and not to cover it with a bushel of our negativities, challenges and throwing in the towel. The reason our Christian faith survives as a philosophy, because it affirms that in the midst of all our pain an od anxiety, there is a good outcome. We must continue to seek the good in our challenges. The bright, pure lily comes up through the mud or marsh.  Our faith is new, fresh and full of hope every morning.  We can let go of our anxieties and strengthen our faith by infusing ourselves with optimism, joy, love and prayer. I would share the following words of a common person, Judson Sayere, who made a great success in his life:

Think a good day
Thank a good day
Plan a good day
Put God into it
Give it all you’ve got – get going.
Start and end the day with God.

Jesus says, “If you are able – all things can be done for the one who believes.  May God continue to guide and bless us in the new season!

Yours in Christ service,
Rev. Christina Boyd


Transfers Out
Dorothy Nichols to King City United Church
Bob & Marilyn Hart to Metropolitan United Church
Nelson & Jo Perry to Colborne United Church

In Memoriam
Rev. Charles Scott – April 8 2017
Audrey Froats – April 15, 2017
Tom Ebbs – May 19, 2017
Bob Hart – July 22, 2017


You will never be sorry:

For thinking before acting – For hearing before judging
For forgiving your enemies – For being candid and frank
For helping a fallen sister or brother – For being honest in business
For thinking before speaking – For being loyal to your church
For standing by your principles – For stopping your ears to gossip
For harbouring only pure thoughts – For sympathizing with the   
afflicted For being courteous and kind to all.

Richards Retirees

We begin the fall season with Shuffleboard in the Youth Centre (no charge) starting at 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017.
Everyone is welcome.

Retirees following monthly programs are:

November 8, 2017 (Wednesday) – 12:30 p.m. – 36th Anniversary
                   Lunch with ”Dan Skelcher” Versatile Country Singer.     
                   (Good Will Offering)                           

December 13, 2017 (Wednesday) – 1:30 p.m. Christmas Program with the “Rockin Oldies Band”
Listening music for
all.  (Good Will Offering)

 For further information, please contact:

Marion Carter, President, 519-679-9410        Myrtle MacKenzie, Program Coordinator, 519-474-7257

Progressive Euchre 

 Last Friday of the month - 7 P.M

Mark the following dates on your calendar
September 29, October 27
Christmas Pot Luck November 24
Dinner at 6 PM Euchre – 7 PM
January to June, 2018 – last Friday of month
with barbecue in June

$2.00 with refreshments
Come and enjoy the fun and fellowship in Durant Hall

Coordinator - Sharron Carroll



Information meeting on Thursday, September 21 at 7:00 p.m. in the Parlour.  Games start October 16, 2017.
   Come one, come all.

For more information, phone Gary Taylor at 519-659-4766


“Church is not an event you go to…
it’s a family you belong to!”


Rummage and bake sale




66th Anniversary Appeal

As we approach the start of the 9th month of 2017 we are currently running a deficit of $16,063.23 to the end of June.  The average income per week so far has been
$2,762.95. As stated in the 2016 annual report we require $3,289.00 per week to cover our expenses.  You can see there is a shortfall of $526.11 per week,
or projected to the end of this year, the shortfall would be $27,357.72. Anniversary appeal is your chance to consider all that God has given you. Let us give thanks
to God for his bounty by helping, as you are able, to cover the shortfall with the special anniversary appeal envelope enclosed.  

Please return the envelope with your donation before Sunday, November 12, 2017.

Thank you for your continued support of our anniversary appeal.    

Bob Shier, Chair
Finance Committee


Instead of moving forward, some people try to turn back their odometers.  Not me.
  I want people to know ‘why’ I look this way.  I‘ve traveled a long way
in my 60 some years & some of the roads weren’t paved.




Total earnings from January to July 31, 2017 -- $2,189.63. Shopping/gift cards are an excellent way
to generate funds to help cover church expenses. 

Richards earns extra cash whenever you use these declining balance cards for your purchases.
You can still collect your bonus store and air miles points. The cards are the same as paying with cash.

Limited supplies of the most popular cards  Canadian Tire, Cara includes Swiss Chalet, Kelsey’s, Harvey’s,
Montana’s,  Milestones, East Side Mario’s and Casey’s, Presidents Choice cards include Loblaws,
No Frills, Superstore, Foodland, Independent, etc., Metro/Food Basics
, Sobeys/Freshco and Tim Horton’s are available. 

Order forms are available on the bulletin board outside the office or in the narthex. Complete the order form,
attach a cheque made payable to Richards Memorial United Church or RMUC, OR cash, take it to Durrant Hall
after church,  where stock on hand cards can be purchased or an order will be accepted for delivery the following week.  

Every Sunday, after church service, volunteers are waiting for YOU to visit us in Durrant Hall.

Marie Shier, Coordinator
Shopping/Gift Card Fundraiser


PAR – Pre-Authorized Remittance

The most effective way to support Richards Memorial Untied church is through PARThis is an automatic
bank debit and 100% of your donation goes to Richards Memorial.

WHY PAR is the best way to give to Richards Memorial:  100% of your donation goes directly to Richards Memorial,
you decide annually the monthly gift that fits your budget – “set it and forget it”. Your gift counts even on the Sundays you are not able to attend.
The church is able to plan ahead for our programs and people because we know how much money we should be receiving monthly.

Sounds good – How do I sign up?  Forms are available in the office from Administrative Assistant (Judy Hodgins).
Fill out the form and give it to her or return by email.

We have over 33 participants at present.


Presbytery Dues

A number of people in the congregation have volunteered to pay their own Presbytery
Dues at $21.82 per member which has been greatly appreciated
by the Finance Committee. 

Will YOU consider helping by paying these dues this year? To date we have collected $976.38.

The total amount of Presbytery dues we pay to Middlesex Presbytery on our behalf is $4,080.34
which is their assessment for our congregation.



MITTEN TREE – The tree will be in the foyer this fall on which to place knitted hats and mitts.
These are distributed to local schools.  There is a box of yarn available.

EXERCISE CLASS – Carole Alton leads the exercise class in Durrant Hall
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday mornings from 10-11 am. 
Cost:  $30.00 for 10 weeks.  Please contact Carole (519-457-7557) for more information,
or just show up and join a class.  Classes start Monday, September 11th. 

PRAYER SHAWL CIRCLE –  If you enjoy knitting or crocheting and fellowship join this group on the
second Tuesday of each month from 1 pm to 3 pm.  Rev. Christina gives shawls to members of the congregation
and to their friends and family.  Some are donated to nursing homes.  If you know someone who is in need contact Rev. Christina.

FOOD CUPBOARD – This outreach helps people in our community with basic food needs.
Your donations can be placed in the cart in the foyer or in the basket by the parking lot door.  Thanks for caring for others.

FOOD DEPOT – runs in Durrant Hall the second Thursday of each month.
This is an extension of the London Food Bank.  We thank our many volunteers.

Chair: Shirley Hardy                                                         Secretary: Kay Cullen



Fall Congregational Luncheon, September 24th - proceeds to the General Fund

Rummage Sale – The Fall Rummage Sale will be here before you know it.  Keep October 21st open.
Sort out your good used articles of clothing, white elephant, books, dishes, toys, shoes, bedding, linens, etc.
Donations accepted at the church the week prior to the sale.  Look for the reminder in the bulletin.
Don't forget to drop in for some bargains, October 21st – 9 am – 11:30 am.  Baked goods and tea room also available.  See you there!

Fall Event at White Oaks – October 21st, White Oaks United Church 9am – 12 noon.

Brown's UCW (our twin UCW) will be joining us for our October 3rd meeting.  It is always fun to get together with our country partners.

Craft Sale – When you attend the Craft Sale, November 4th please support the UCW and enjoy lunch in the UCW lunch and tea room.

Roast Beef Dinner – November 18th.   Come out and enjoy our famous Roast Beef Dinner, with all the trimmings, and Homemade Pie!

Christmas Pot-Luck – all women of the congregation are invited to attend the Christmas Pot Luck in December in Durrant Hall.
Bring your plates, silverware, cups and a pot-luck dish.  All are welcome.  An entertaining program will be put on by the executive.
For more information, please check the UCW Bulletin Board, or speak to Irene Cudmore, or better yet, come out and join us.
We have lots of interesting speakers, skits, worship, and of course lunch to enjoy.  Watch the bulletin for details.

        President: Irene Cudmore                                            Secretary:  Linda Petronis



Richards Memorial United Church
Mission Statement

We are a caring community.
Through worship, teaching, outreach, and fellowship,
we share God’s love.




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